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“My Own Worst Enemy” Party

The cast & crew of  NBC’s “My Own Worst Enemy” partied down tonight. Dandy Don’s Ice Cream brought hot fudge sundaes with over 10 toppings to the shindig.  To anyone on a diet that night, we became their own worst enemy.


Company Picnic

Surety Company of the Pacific hired Dandy Don’s Ice Cream to dole out sweet treats at their company picnic.  “We are very appreciative of your services.  Everyone thoroughly enjoyed your ice cream!” said Jennifer Ceron.


Lucky Day at JPL

Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena booked Dandy Don’s to serve hot fudge sundaes on what is considered a lucky day on the calendar to the Chinese: 08/08/08.  It sure was lucky for those JPL employees.


Super Glue Party

The folks at Super Glue Corporation are stuck on Dandy Don’s Ice Cream.  It may have something to do with our hot caramel sauce.  At any rate, we helped celebrate the employees there this afternoon.


Thibiant International Party

Susan Dunster was so happy with the service from Dandy Don’s Ice Cream at her party today in Chatsworth, she had this to say: “I just wanted to thank you and your staff for making our Ice Cream Social a very enjoyable experience.  Everyone loved Dandy Don’s ice cream and because there were leftovers, some of us were lucky enough to have seconds today.  Your staff was delightful!  They were patient, pleasant, and very efficient.  Thank you again!”


KRLA Radio Party

The staff of KRLA were appreciated today. They were treated to ice cream sundaes from Dandy Don’s.  Can’t you hear them smiling?


“House” Party

The writers of the medical drama “House” were treated to ice cream topped with hot fudge, whipped cream, and more this afternoon.  It sure beats a chest x-ray.


Baxter BioScience Triple Shifts

Baxter BioScience invited Dandy Don’s Ice Cream to serve hot fudge sundaes to their staff.  Since all shift workers were included in the party, we served sundaes at midnight, noon and 5 p.m.


Dancing With the Stars Finals

The studio audience of “Dancing With the Stars” enjoyed hot fudge sundaes from Dandy Don’s Ice Cream today to celebrate the season finale. Linden Freeman commented, “I just wanted to send you a big thank you for all of your efforts with the ice cream catering today!  It was a really big hit with everyone at the show and was a great way to send a thank you to the cast and crew on the day of the finale episode.”

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