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Got an Urge to Celebrate?

Girl Scouts are celebrating their 101st anniversary and so is Dandy Don’s Ice Cream with Thin Mints on your Sundaes. We’re sending Thin Mint cookies out on every Ice Cream Sundae Bar in March and April.  We’ll also be sending along some Mint Chip ice cream so you can make Thin Mint sundaes.  We support the Girl Scouts.  Call now to book your party at 800 DANDY DON.

Thank-You Note from Rev. Zedar

Such a nice thank-you note from a client who hired Dandy Don’s Ice Cream to help cater his Auntie’s 97th birthday party:

“Just wanted to say thanks to Don, Amanda and your staff.  The family truly appreciated your help and loved the ice cream.

This is a picture of my Aunt Lee Omia Clegg, with a big smile of joy.

If there is anything I or my family can do for you, please do not hesitate to call.  Again thank you so very much.

May God continue to bless you all.”

~Rev. Zedar


Over 43,000 Served in 2012

We’re very happy to say that we served 43,738 ice cream treats in 2012. Those included hot fudge sundaes, banana splits, affogato treats, milkshakes, root beer floats, brownie sundaes, pies a la mode, and scoops on sticks. Thanks to all of our wonderful catering clients and we hope to serve at least 50,000 treats in 2013.


Thank You Note

Dandy Don’s Ice Cream got a wonderful thank-you note today from Carolyn Broner, Assistant Real Estate Manager at CBRE in L.A.  They manage the Wilshire Landmark building where we served ice cream sundaes to all of their tenants.  Carolyn wrote, “We were thrilled with Dandy Don’s Homemade Ice Cream yesterday.  Peter and Shauna did a great job!  The setup and service were professional, and everybody at Wilshire Landmark enjoyed the treats.”  You’re so welcome, Carolyn!


Fox All-Star Party at Gladstone’s

Dandy Don’s Homemade Ice Cream was served to the stars at the Fox All-Star Party at Gladstone’s.  The party celebrated Fox’s television shows including “Glee” and “So You Think You Can Dance.”  Stars like Lea Michelle, Jane Lynch, Naya Rivera, and Cat Deeley were there along with Zooey Deschanel from the show “New Girl” and Paula Abdul from “American Idol.”


It’s Getting Hot Out There

Now that the weather is warming up, folks are calling Dandy Don’s Ice Cream Catering to bring ice cream sundaes to their offices and homes.  This Memorial Day weekend is already booked solid and the 4th of July (Monday) is filling up fast.  Call us soon at 818-994-0111 to reserve a spot on our calendar if you’re thinking of booking  an ice cream social.


Staff Appreciation Week

Staff Appreciation Week is April 25-29.  A hot fudge sundae bar from Dandy Don’s Ice Cream will show your staff how much you value their hard work.


Valentine Sundae Bars

All Dandy Don’s Ice Cream hot fudge sundae bars served during the month of February will include sweet hearts, red hots and Valentine decorations at no extra cost!  We want to be YOUR Valentine!


It’s Affogato Time!

Now that it’s cold outside, affogato is a must.  What’s that, you ask?  Why an affogato is an Italian treat of a scoop of ice cream (usually Vanilla Bean) drowning in a shot of hot espresso.  Steamy and cold all at once.  Delicious!  When we serve affogato treats, we have people who like to mix it up by adding a bit of hot fudge or using Chocolate ice cream.  We hand them out with a Biscoff cookie for that authentic European touch.


Ice Cream Gift

Dandy Don’s Ice Cream Social in a Box makes the perfect holiday gift – corporate or personal.  Because everyone loves ice cream gifts.  We just shot a funny video showing how we pack one up.  Check it out!  And then call us to put your Ice Cream Social in a Box together at 800 DANDY DON.  FedEx will ship it out overnight.

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