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A Little something About Dandy Don’s HomeMade Ice Cream

Don Whittemore established Dandy Don’s HomeMade Ice Cream in 1981, after deciding to have more fun in his professional life. He once was a music biz whiz, promoting acts like (and garnering gold records for) Elvis, David Bowie, and John Denver. As an ice cream maker, Don saw his company win gold medals at the Los Angeles County Fair in 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, and 2001.

Dandy Don’s HomeMade Ice Cream serves ice cream and sorbet to over 150 restaurants and hotels in the Los Angeles area. We’ll even custom scoop the ice cream on to sheet pans to fit banquet and party needs. Dandy Don’s ice cream is made daily at our factory in Van Nuys. And with ice cream, freshness counts.

Since the overrun, or the amount of air mixed into Dandy Don’s ice cream, is so low (as low as some famous super-premium brands), our ice cream is creamy and heavy.

Vanilla and Vanilla Bean weigh 18lbs. You can get 72 4oz. scoops out of one 3-gallon plastic tub. And that’s where your profits come from – consistent portion control.

Dandy Don’s ice cream flavors can be custom designed, too!

Executive Chef Gerard Ferri, Hotel Le Meridian introduced a sweet spot time into the hotel serving Dandy Don’s flavors: Lavender, Spicy Cinnamon, Balsamic Fig, Lemon & Fresh Basil & Green Peppercorn, Coffee Espresso, Pink Ginger and our top selling Vanilla Bean.

Chef Alex Scrimgeour, formerly of Saddle Peak Lodge in Calabasas designed a White Chocolate ice cream dotted with Perigord Black Truffles for a Valentine’s Day dinner.

Chef Thomas Muñoz, Chef/Owner, Emmanuel restaurant in Studio City, had Don create a Brown Sugar ice cream for his restaurant and Chef Dave Johnson, Pearl Dragon in Pacific Palisades, highlighted his dessert menu with Lemongrass ice cream. We’re here to make your ice cream dreams real.

Please call us at 818 994 0111 or 800 DANDY DON.

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