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Dandy Don’s HomeMade Ice Cream Heads Into its Busiest Season Ever!

Dandy Don’s Ice Cream is staffing up for a heavy season of creating ice cream socials now that the warm weather is upon us. We just finished serving homemade ice cream topped with hot fudge, nuts, and other goodies to the television shows “ER” and “The Tonight Show starring Jay Leno,” and the charity Make-A-Wish Foundation. All in one day!

Recently, Dandy Don’s created ice cream socials for the cast and crew of the still-in-production Mel Gibson movie “What Women Want,” and to the chefs of all the Wolfgang Puck Cafes for their annual convention in Santa Monica.

If you want the happy servers at Dandy Don’s to bring homemade ice cream and 10-35 toppings to your party, call them now at 800 DANDY DON or 818. 994. 0111.

Dandy Don’s HomeMade Ice Cream makes ice cream for over 115 restaurants and hotels in the L.A. area and has created ice cream socials for hundreds of clients since 1981 (see the enclosed list of current T.V. and film sundae bar customers).

Also enclosed is our list of top 20 toppings to help you plan your sundae bar. After all, July is national ice cream month. Bada boom, bada bing.

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