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The T.V. Show “Blind Date” Does Dandy Don’s

When producers of the television show “Blind Date” called Dandy Don to see if they could film a segment of their real-life dating-experience show at his ice cream factory, Don said, “Sure!”

The T.V. crew showed up at the plant in Van Nuys on Thursday evening to film the couple making ice cream together. Chea and Jeff helped Don make a batch of vanilla in the large format machine, and then made a small batch of brown sugar ice cream in a home-use machine. Jeff was left drooling. Of course, that could have been because of Chea’s hot pink tube top.

We’re not sure that Jeff and Chea made a match, but we are pretty sure that the show will be worth watching. You won’t believe some of Jeff’s uncouth comments. Or Chea’s figure. This segment should air in about 3 months on channel 13 at 6 p.m. and 11 p.m.

If you want to get together with Dandy Don to create some of your own ice cream, just give him a call at 800 DANDY DON or 818. 994. 0111. But you’ll have to bring your own date.

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