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What Have We Been Up To Lately? Sundae Bars for the Stars

Dandy Don’s HomeMade Ice Cream has been busy making ice cream sundae dreams come true for casts and crews of television shows, movies, and plays.

We recently set up a sundae bar for the construction crew who built Jay Leno’s new set for “The Tonight Show.” (Jay has had plenty of visits from us in the past, so don’t feel sorry for him.) We also dished out sundaes for “The West Wing,” “The Weakest Link,” and “Access Hollywood.” The cast and crew of “Malcolm in the Middle” also got a visit from us–one of the perks of working on a show with kids.

We brought a sundae bar to the set of Disney’s new movie “The Dog Catcher” and the film “White Oleander.”

We have plenty of experience catering television and movie sets, and we also went out to serve sundaes recently to the cast and crew of a play called “Pasadena.”

If you would like our servers to create a sundae bar for your set, please call us at 800 DANDY DON or 818 994 0111.

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