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What’s Up With That Big Red Truck?

The folks at Dandy Don’s HomeMade Ice Cream have themselves a new ice cream truck and they’re just burstin’ with pride over it.

It’s big (about 20 feet long), red (fire-engine style), and hand-painted (by American Sign Company in Van Nuys) with Don’s picture and the gold medals garnered by the ice cream since 1996.

The truck, made by the Johnson Truck Body Company out of Wisconsin, can hold a ton of ice cream-literally. The freezer unit gets charged up overnight and will keep its contents frozen all day. Drivers can take ice cream as far as Las Vegas and Palm Springs.

The big red truck delivers Dandy Don’s HomeMade Ice Cream to restaurants and hotels all over Southern California Monday through Friday.

If you want a visit from the big red truck (along with an order of homemade ice cream), please call us at 800 DANDY DON or 818 994 0111.

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