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Love the Chowhounders

I was reading through some Chowhound threads today and remembered this awesome post about Dandy Don’s Ice Cream in pints from back in 2003.  Here’s the link if you want to check it out for yourself:

Shelley Kelley starts out by saying, “I have heard from a friend of a friend that this is the absolute best ice cream on earth. This friend is an absolute chowhound, so the referral has some teeth to it.”

After finding some of our ice cream in How’s Market in Pasadena, she liked the White Pistachio flavor the best. Here’s what she said, “This was lovely, folks. A nice base (think of Ben & Jerry’s or Haagen Das Butter Pecan base) with loads of Pistachios. Believe it or not, nut texture seems to offer different intensities of flavor here. In the mix are whole pistachios, roughly chopped pistachios, and finally, finely chopped pistachios. The effect is really very pleasant, the flavor good, and well balanced.”

After that, Paddy, another poster, added this comment, “Got some DDs white pistach from the Handy Market on Magnolia yesterday and sampled this eve – wow!
I like to think of myself as a connoisseur of pistachio ice cream, having eaten it as a staple on countless European holidays in my youth (it was the only thing that kept me quiet on those interminable Loire chateau tours and Venetian gondola rides, apparently).
Compared to the French sludge and the Italian species, this stuff is ambrosia. Really. I won’t embellish on the excellent description already proffered. What I shall say is that having tasted Dandy Don’s WP, I’m now determined to sample every flavor out there. And now I know what EVERYONE is getting for Christmas this year.”

Don’t forget that you can buy our pints online. Plus, we’ve added a new shipping interface that allows us to calculate shipping individually, saving our customers lots of money (no more guesswork on shipping rates). Enjoy!

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