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Kudos to Dandy Don’s Servers

Jim Lewi on his LiveWorks Newsletter blog hailed the servers of Dandy Don’s Ice Cream for their intelligent and efficient work at a recent fundraiser.  He wrote, “Don’s staff knew what they were doing.  They were friendly, organized, and had pre-scooped their ice cream.  This may sound like a stupid thing to notice, but believe me, at a festival or event, it makes all the difference.  The super-nice woman who I spoke to explained that not only does it make serving customers faster and make sure servers’ arms don’t fall off, but also keeps their product’s consistency stable.  When a customer gets their ice cream, it is at just the right temperature.  Their ice cream is supposed to be hard and ‘you can’t really scoop hard ice cream’.”

To see his whole post entitled Training Common Sense, go here:

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