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Tutu’s Ice Cream reviewed by blogger

Tutu’s Hawaiian Ice Cream Shack in Simi Valley was reviewed by Brian on his EatMeCalifornia blog.  You can read the whole review here but here’s an excerpt:

“One of the cool things about Tutu’s is that they offer the little things that other places don’t. Is your shave ice not as flavorful as you like? They’ll remake the syrup. It’s that kind of a joint. Plus they are the only place I know of that has a birthday cake ice cream that tastes like buttercream frosting. We’re not talking cake batter ice cream here, this is a whole new ballgame (and you know how much i love cake.)”

It seems Brian really likes the Birthday Cake flavor of ice cream Dandy Don’s created just for Tutu’s.  We’re glad.

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